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Beat the Street at

Sinting Fest on Eglinton West

Does your dance team
Have what it Takes??

Dance your Style
Hip Hop ,Pop- Lock, Afro Beat and Reggae
Teams of 3 to 6 people


  1. Group competition consists of minimum 3 persons to a maximum of 6 persons
    Groups are permitted to mix and bring music of their choice on a standard CD.
  2. The Routine must be performed, in its entirety to the music selected, prepared and submitted by the group.
  3. The contest piece must be three (3) minutes but not more than five (5) minutes
  4. Groups should include in their performance a broad selection of street dance styles without excessive use of the same move or pattern. A varied range of styles should be shown in the choreography of arm, leg and body movement.
  5. Attire may include accessories such hats, caps, gloves, scarves, jewelry Appropriate clothing should be observed in the competition.
  6. Movements that are categorized under break dance are permitted but should not control/ dominate the performance.
  7. Any move where the competitors’ weight is solely on the neck/ head i.e. head spins, head stands, etc. is not allowed.
  8. Criteria for Judging: Choreography, Rhythm and timing, Costume, Technique and Performance

Time Restrictions

  1. Formation teams shall dance for a minimum of 2.5 minutes, but shall be limited to a maximum of 5 minutes of music for their routine including entrance and exit.
  2. The timing of the formation team routine begins when the first person sets foot onto the dance floor. The timing ends when the last person on the team steps off the dance floor.
  3. Music – Teams are allowed to use music for their entrance and exits if desired. When music is used for the entrance and/or exit, there must be a complete break in the music for a space of at least two seconds that separates the entrance/exit from the routine music proper.

Lifts and Properties

  1. No Lifts are allowed. No props are allowed at any time. This includes the teams’ entrance and exit.
  2. A prop is defined as any item that is not part of the regular costume worn by the dancers and is not attached to the dancer or their costume for the full duration of time that the dancers are on the floor.
  3. A hat will be considered a prop if it is removed at any time from the dancer’s head, including entrance and exit.

Dress Code

  1. The dresses and costumes shall follow the dress code prescribed in international competitions. Dresses/costumes have to create characteristic shape for the dance.
  2. Dresses/costumes have to cover the intimate parts of the dancers’ bodies.
  3. Dresses/costumes and make-up have to respect age and level of dancers.
  4. No change of clothing/costume is permitted once the competition begins

Criteria for Judging:

  1. Performance 30 points
  2. Interpretation 30 points
  3. Costume 10 point
  4. Over-all performance


  • 1st $500
  • 2nd $300
  • 3rd $200

To enter send your Name, Address and Telephone number: caliente.to@gmail.com

Deadline is: August 1st at 11:59 PM