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Better Belly Butter – Large Jars


Better Belly Butter began as a mission to turn a recipe of organic cooking ingredients used to moisturize herself and her husband into a sophisticated formula that would help resolve her greatest fear after raising tiny humans sprouting stretch marks during pregnancy. Aided by ten years of clinical experience and the latest research, her first pregnancy evidences the new formula’s success to a brilliant, rather spirited toddler and her second baby on the way. No tiger stripes here.

Better Belly Goals: Keep it natural: Better Belly Butter uses organic, eco-friendly, and fair-trade ingredients to make the most delicate formula for pregnant and breastfeeding women. The product is so pure; you could almost eat it.

Butter your Belly with Love: Create a healthy future for you and your baby. The skin is a porous organ that
uptakes what you put on it very similarly to how the gut uptakes the food you give it. If you would not feed your baby a
“red ice slurpy,” don’t nourish your body with “red ice slurpy” skincare products.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize: This formula is principally for people of color who have limited moisture retention. Moisture helps to balance your complexion’s tone, prevent and minimize stretch marks. Moisture-rich Better Belly Butter delivers proteins, fatty acids, and antioxidants that keep your skin lush in today’s unforgiving environment.

Ritual and affirmation: Liberal application of Better Belly Butter following a gratifying shower or bath, while saying loving affirmations is a great way to seal in the goodness of the cream as well as support your little one’s positive development and welcoming into the community. Self or partnered massage of this cream onto the skin promotes tissue growth by increasing nutrient delivery and waste removal, eases anxiety, fosters love, and reaffirms deep connections within the family unit.



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